The unprecedented AO scandal was diverted at the expense of its main victim = this is the first time that a title holder and nine times champion, a record for this almost century-old GS, was deported manu militari under health pretext, while a visa was issued to him. This hardly masks political and ideological issues, not to mention the most insidious motivation – obstructing the last step of its consecration as a GOAT – the 21 Grand Slem title, a feat virtually out of reach, including for future generations of champions.

On the pretext of the cordon sanitaire, Australia is introducing a discriminatory barrier contrary to the spirit of competition and Olympic sport, which even Hitler did not dare to do at the 1934 Olympic Games – a parallel that cannot be limited to this episode in Olympic history.

Australia may well bitterly regret this ostentatious precedent contrary to all the practice and ethics of sport at the highest level of international relations.

The AO is indeed sponsored by China to the tune of some $60 million, while Shanghai is applying for a GS – a megacity that has about as many inhabitants as the last one contains white. Which happens to be the last reduction in colonial persistence similar to the apartheid of the late racist regime in South Africa.

Especially since Australia is a genocidal consequence, if any, having exterminated some 90% of the indigenous population, with unspeakable, inhuman and degrading treatment, automatically in force until 1970, while the formerly majority Aboriginal population is reduced to less than 4% – a symbolic and probably intentional figure, taking into account the fate of residual Serbs in Croatia – another

Migration policy, singularly selective on particularly racial criteria, makes Australia an exception in this regard in the Western camp. While the EU and the US are under unprecedented demographic pressure that can only increase in the future coming from the south and southeast, and in particular from Africa as far as the EU is concerned. Australia could accommodate perhaps up to half a billion Chinese, rather than Siberia, the aridity of the southern continent would be easier to overcome than the rigors of the Siberian climate.

Not to mention African immigration whose population explosion is an unstoppable, as well as unmanageable, equation for Europe in the near future.

Australia’s discriminatory and ostentatious, significantly racist selfishness is likely to turn against it, not only on the side of its increasingly threatening maritime neighborhood, but also soon on the part of its Western allies, victims of insurmountable migratory pressure, not to mention the unfortunate French experience with Australian arrogance and blindness in the field of bilateral trade.

Novak Djokovic built a good part of his unprecedented champion career on the most unstoppable and spectacular reversals. With significant resources of his own, he is taking considerable legal action against the degrading and discriminatory treatment he has suffered. He risks having all the support of China and a large part of the non-Western world – a case that is part of a politicization at the expense of white sport, which risks weighing a not only symbolic weight in the heavy tug of war of consequence engaged between an increasingly Western camp opposed to the rest of humanity.

Paris, January 20, 2022

B. Bojovic

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